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1. Only one account is allowed per person, household or IP.
2. radio-libertad.de reserves the right to terminate an account without a prior warning if we suspect a violation of our Terms.
3. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Service.
4. radio-libertad.de may remove cash commissions at any time, if a TOS violation is found.

1. radio-libertad.de is not in any way associated to or endorsing of the websites displayed through our Traffic Exchange service.
2. radio-libertad.de reserves the right to reject any website at any time, even if it has already been approved by us earlier.
3. Banned websites
-Any websites that contain frame breakers, pop-up's, pop-under's or otherwise negatively effect a users radio-libertad.de experience.
-Adult content
-Rotators / websites which show different content on every visit.

1. radio-libertad.de does not provide any guarantees as to the usability or the reliability of this service for any particular purpose.
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Add your websites

After creating your account you can submit all of your sites you would like to receive free website traffic on. Other people will then visit your sites to earn minutes.

Earn free minutes

Surf others' websites to earn minutes and invite your friends and get 25% of what they earn as a bonus. You can spend the minutes to send traffic to your websites.

Make money!

Apart from minutes, you will see your balance fill up with real money. We also offer attractive upgrades and you can earn up to 50% of what people you invite spend!